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- Complete Accreditation Survey Preparation -

Please send me the "Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™" Policy & Procedure manual so I can get my Home Health Accreditation preparations started immediately to assure a successful survey.

I want Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ to prepare with confidence for successful Home Health accreditation so I can meet the Medicare Condition of Participation (COP) requirements, and the requirements from many key insurance companies and third party payers.

I understand that "Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™" is guaranteed to work for Home Health Agencies seeking either 1st time accreditation/licensure, re-accreditation / re-licensing,
and for new Home Health Agency start-ups.

I understand that I will receive inside the "Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™" accreditation manual the following content...

Home Health Agency Policy & Procedure Manual
"Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™": ......$2495
and includes the following:

  • Policies and Procedures that meet and exceed all CMS standards and meet requirements for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) accreditation survey and Home Health Agency State Licensure. Instead of generic forms, these Policies and Procedures will come highly customized to accurately fit your specific company operations and can be printed out for immediate use so you don't need to do any extra work for your documentation.

  • Ready-to-print comprehensive Job Descriptions will be tailored to your specific Home Health organization from the job titles you identify in your company profile. Also included are competency and assessment tools.

  • You will receive an all-inclusive Performance Management Program that will guide you in establishing your quality improvement committee. Suggestions for quality improvement indicators are also included.

  • Your definitive guide for overall Patient Care will be found in the provided Clinical Patient Care Section which includes clinical record management, clinical care regulations and qualifications, clinical care procedures, and patient safety procedures that all meet CMS standards and ACHC standards.

  • All the details you will need to track and collect required data for your ACHC Accreditation Survey are supplied for the areas of:
    • Patient Information, and
    • Performance Management Tracking.

  • All content is prepared by an expert who writes industry standards and surveys and is an accreditation surveyor. This assures you that all Policies and Procedures accurately reflect CMS standards, ACHC standards, and State Licensure standards for easy application submission.

  • Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ divides by sections all the provided Policies, Procedures, and Forms for you to easily follow step-by-step each ACHC standard.
Your Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ manual will arrive on a data CDvia FedEx shipping within a few days upon successful completion of your company profile information.

Your company profile information is required for us to adequately customize your manual to your company's particular operations. We will always keep your company profile information strictly confidential.

We Provide Great Support...

In addition, when I order, I'll also get
professional support from accreditation experts to assure a great start for my survey preparations...

With my order, I will be entitled to a free consulting phone call with an expert to get any accreditation process questions answered that I have when I start implementing my survey preparations with
Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™

Of course, phone support to answer your questions specific to your policy & procedure manual is always available.

Subscription Service for Ongoing Updates
.....$750/year - your choice
purchased with manual (First 6 months FREE!)

Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ Subscription Service
(subscription automatically renews annually)

I understand that Subscription Service is automatically renewable annually and allows me to easily receive updates to my manual to prove ongoing compliance.When I order Subscription Service with my manual, I can use the Subscription Service right away with my subscription recurring billing not starting for 6 months - giving me 6 months of FREE Subscription Service. I understand that I may cancel my Subscription Service at any time by just giving Customer Service a call.

Purchasing the Subscription Service at the time I purchase my manual and keeping my annual subscription active will allow me to have a current and up-to-date manual continually ...and even when I have to get re-accredited within three years, I won't have to buy another Policy and Procedure manual (thus saving me money).

With the Subscription Service, I will be assured that my manual contains the latest industry standards updates.

Subscription Service is the easiest and most economical way for me to maintain important updates to my manual and all of its components..

I understand that if I don't select annual Subscription Service at the time I purchase my manual, I will not be able to receive automatic updates to the manual based on industry standards and regulations changes.

Furthermore, by not selecting Subscription Service at the time I purchase my manual, I will forgo the cost savings Subscription Service provides to generate an updated manual when I have to get re-accredited three years from now. (i.e., the cumulative sum of my annual subscription, costs less than purchasing a brand new manual later.)

The Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ Advantage...

I expect to benefit in the following ways from using the
Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ accreditation manual...
  • I will have the assurance that I possess the necessary documentation that meets or exceeds the requirements for Medicare, ACHC Accreditation, and State Licensure.

  • I will know for sure that I am starting smart with my Accreditation Survey preparations. Getting a high quality policy & procedure manual that is complete and then understanding its content so that it can be implemented is the key to a successful survey for accreditation or state licensure.

  • I will have a policy & procedure manual that comes fully customized to my particular company operations to I don't have to hassle with tailoring my manual on my own to fit my particular Home Health agency.

  • I will avoid confusion and guesswork so that my survey preparation time and efforts are not wasted.

  • I will be assured that my day-to-day business work flow is not interrupted while adequately preparing for the accreditation survey because the policy & procedure manual provides a easy to follow blueprint for survey preparations.

  • I will enjoy the statisfaction of reducing or in some cases even eliminating the need for an accreditation consultant because the policy & procedure manual is easy-to-follow and comprehensive.

  • I will prepare for my survey with great confidence because of the FREE Phone Support that not only lets me get my policy & procedure manual questions answered ongoing, but also provides an initial consulting phone call with an accreditation expert to answer my accreditation process questions so that I get started fast on the right track.

  • I will have the confidence of knowing that I have a comprehensive policy and procedure manual written by a team of experts that is not only affordable but comes with a full money back guarantee to eliminate my risk.

Personal guarantee...

I further understand that "Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™" is fully covered by a fantastic zero-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

That is, after I have properly applied Home Health Accreditation Simplified!™ to my business to prepare for accreditation or state licensure, if I am as a result of the manual not successfully accredited, I may obtain a full refund of the purchase price of the manual... I just have to simply send the product back for a prompt and courteous refund. So there no risk to give it a try!

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